ROI Manager

An innovative tool that dramatically improves marketing effectiveness and campaign reporting, by tracking reservations from any source on the net.

Now I know one by one all the guests of the hotel that came from TripAdvisor Business Listing and other social media sites.

With ROI the hotel saves approx 80% of its marketing budget.

Karl Camenzuli.
Marketing in Malta

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It generates detailed statistics about the visitors and reservations to a Hotel website.
It is a snippet of JavaScript code that the hotelier adds onto every page of his or her website.
Measure results and understand what works best and allocate the marketing budget accordingly
Contrary to Google Analytics, "ROI" is multilayer and can track any source website on the net

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Designer by John Giannatos who has a huge experience on e-commerce tracking and measurement modules and tools, ROI Manager covers the needs of the hospitality industry. Full Team>>